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by From the land of Tagore and Gandhi


As a first generation Indian American I am deeply concerned about the future direction of this country if Mitt Romney and Republicans take over in the next general election.

I love India, the country of my birth. But I always revered America as the land of unparalleled opportunity and prosperity for people willing to work hard; and also as the flag bearer of liberal values and beacon of human rights.

Unfortunately, the America I came to is not the same country anymore.

I am primarily concerned about the future of my kids who have known America as their only home. They are intelligent, dedicated and hard-working students who ought to have a bright future, more so than what our generation has achieved.

Will America remain the same open society and promised land of opportunity for our kids' generation when they grow up to be adults? I sincerely doubt that will be case if America is taken over by the current generation of republican politicians. Republicans like Romney only care about those who already made it while they despise and disparage those needing a helping hand. They are also xenophobic in their core. That is not the America I want my kids to grow up in.

Barack Obama is not perfect by any means, but he surely has his heart in the right places. We can all find some things Obama could have done differently, but he has already achieved much that no republican would have done. And he will definitely steer the country to a better direction than Mitt Romney and Tea-Party Republicans ever will.

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