Contribute Now to Georgia on my mind....

by Nancy Stephens


I've learned never to say never, especially in this political climate. And trust me, I would not be bringing up donations to anything if I didn't think this is too important an opportunity to pass up.

Jim Martin is facing off in a run-off against Republican incumbent Saxby Chambliss on December 2nd in Georgia. You might remember that Chambliss is the Senator who ran the deplorable campaign against disabled war hero, Max Cleland in 2002, which even John McCain called reprehensible. And for those who are history buffs, this was Sam Nunn's seat so by right, it belongs to us!

So let's do it!

This race is absolutely winnable assuming that we have the resources to compete. The Obama ground game is very active in Georgia. And from my experience with them in North Carolina, they are a force to be reckoned with and they will do their job but we need to give them additional $$$.

Even with my fuzzy math, I know we can raise a significant amount for the cause. 100 people at $100 is $10,000, 100 people at $50 is.....

Please support future Senator Martin and give Barack Obama the filibuster-proof Senate that we need! And keep your fingers crossed for Mark Begich in Alaska. He will probably know something by Thursday......and hopefully Al Franken will also prevail.

Image of Jim Martin

Jim Martin


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