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My name is Gilda Reed and I am a life-long resident of Louisiana’s First District and candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives. My main reason for running is to make a powerful difference in the quality of life for my people. Our seniors need a break, our children need a break, our working middle-class needs a break. I will push for an end to the Iraq War, for affordable health care for all, and for developmentally appropriate education. Something must also be done to end border insecurity, erosion of our Constitutional rights and fiscal irresponsibility.

I am an honest, dedicated mother of 7 and grandmother of 11 who is quite used to adversity. I have never run from a fight, and I am not about to start now. With a polio disability, I raised my family and earned a Ph.D. I teach thousands of college students and more classes at 1 time than any of my colleagues. I have fought for years for the rights of my 2 adopted children with disabilities. This same determination will serve my constituents well as I represent them in Washington.

District 1 has more registered Democrats than anything else, but has voted staunchly Republican in the past. I am going to win this House seat as a Democrat. The next 5 months are critical in my campaign to seek name recognition while unopposed. Incumbent Jindal is busy running for governor and his replacement is as yet unnamed. Sheer grassroots muscle and determination on my part need donated funds on your part to beat the very wealthy Republican opposition.

From 1 loyal American patriot to another---Gilda Reed

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Gilda Reed