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by Netroots for Joe Garcia


Mario Diaz-Balart is one of Bush's most loyal rubberstamps in Congress and he often gives into Republican Party leaders. Already in this campaign Diaz-Balart has performed a 180 on oil drilling off the Florida coast. In doing so, he gave in to Bush, big oil companies, and the special interests groups that have benefited at the expense of average Americans over the last eight years. In exchange, Diaz-Balart has already received over $20,000 from energy PACs in his sweet crude deal that is bad for the environment and bad for Floridians. - This isn’t the first time Diaz-Balart has given up his principles at the expense of average Americans though. When John McCain came under fire for voting against an Everglades Restoration bill recently, a bill which Mario Diaz-Balart voted three times in favor of, Mario told the media "McCain was right and I was wrong." - On our side, we have a strong progressive Democrat running a grassroots campaign. He supports Everglades restoration 100% of the time and he doesn’t accept money from big business PACs. He supports an energy solution that will move America towards alternative sources of energy, a health care policy that covers every American, and the Responsible Plan for Iraq that will bring our money and soldiers home safely. - Diaz-Balart gave in to the special interest groups to raise campaign money. Let’s help Joe Garcia fight back by matching their money dollar for dollar.

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Joe Garcia