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by the ActBlue Team


Your donations through ActBlue helped put your stamp on the major Democratic accomplishments of the last Congress: your passionate fundraising made healthcare reform a matter of national debate, and your support for gay rights in California and Maine pushed that issue into the spotlight, a key factor that built momentum for DADT repeal. As we take stock of the last two years and prepare for the next two, we wanted to share five things everyone at ActBlue is excited about:

  1. Enacting Senate rules reform: One of the frustrating things about the last two years was watching Democrats round up 60 votes to defeat endless GOP filibusters. However, thanks to you, that might change. Senator Udall (D-NM) and Senator Merkley (D-OR), two freshman senators who raised a combined $1 million on ActBlue in 2008, are looking to change the rules and reduce GOP obstruction. And it looks like they might have the votes to do it! If they succeed, it'll be a sign of your lasting impact on American politics.
  2. Taking another crack at Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA), and watching the GOP primaries: ActBlue is based in Massachusetts, and we don't much care for our Republican Senator. We're excited to have another shot at his seat in 2012! Better still, we're looking forward to the GOP primary process where moderate Republicans like Olympia Snowe (R-ME) try to avoid losing to Tea Party candidates, and Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, and Newt Gingrich and other Fox News employees battle it out for the Presidential nomination.
  3. Winning state-level elections in VA, MS, KY, LA, and NJ: One of the oft-neglected stories of 2010 was the GOP surge at the state level. With off-year elections in a number of states, we'll be working to roll back that success and help promising Democratic candidates cut their teeth in state-level politics. In a new twist, we'll also be working with local candidates in Chicago and elsewhere, helping them get what they need to win.
  4. Building the Democratic farm team: If there's an upside to 2010, it's that the Republican wave created a lot of opportunities for Democrats in 2012. Democrats swept out of office due to circumstances beyond their control and new candidates looking to get into or move up in Democratic politics are raring for a fight, and we'll be there to help them win, wherever they're running.
  5. Keeping you in our corner: As we look back over the past two years, the most important ingredient in our success is you. We rely on your support, and when Democratic majorities shrunk or disappeared across the country, ActBlue grew. We grew because of you and hundreds of thousands of grassroots donors like you: people who value having a stake in our politics that's grown to $174 million since 2004. By making a recurring contribution of $15, $25 or $50 to ActBlue you can ensure that stake continues to grow, today, tomorrow and in 2012.
Remember: Democrats depend on ActBlue, and ActBlue depends on you.

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