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by mole333


The best defense is a good offense. We found just how true that was in 2006. That is the philosophy of this Act Blue Page. Here, inspired by this Daily Kos diary, I am highlighting 2008 Congressional races that include the MOST vulnerable Republicans (generally winning with less than 50%) usually in districts that will be very important for the Presidential election. These are the ultimate aggressive strategy for winning in 2008. There are other critical races, and I cover many of them in other Act Blue sites. But these are the MOST critical pick up chances.

CO-04 Democratic Nominee Fund


In 2006 the Republican incumbent only got 45.6%. This is a prime pick up for 2008 and is in a major swing state. The Republican incumbent is among the most conservative members of the House, earning a 87%tile conservative rating from Nat'lJournal. I call this a critical district to focus on.

FL-13 Democratic Nominee Fund


We won this seat in 2006, but election machine fraud of the EXACT kind we all expect from Florida led to thousands of votes in Democratic districts being lost. There will be a major rematch and we need to show that we refuse to let election fraud stand. I have met the likely Democratic Candidate, Christine Jennings. She is an excellent candidate and extremely intelligent and competant. The incumbent not only stole the election, but there are all sorts of accusations of corruption surrounding him. Since Florida is the perennial swing state, this is a critical district.

MI-07 Democratic Nominee Fund


The Republican incumbent barely scraped by in 2006. He is one of the MOST vulnerable Republicans in the House and we can really beat him. The incumbent is strongly anti-choice, and recently said that parts of Detroit are more dangerous than Iraq. It would be SWEET to win this district!

MI-09 Democratic Nominee Fund 2008


The incumbent Republican is far to the right of the district, making him vulnerable. In 2004 Bush barely won this district, so we can help swing this district blue. Perhaps not as hot a race as MI-7, it is still a very important race.

OH-02 Democratic Nominee Fund


Ohio will be THE swing state of 2008. Only this time the Secretary of State of Ohio is honest, not a corrupt Republican dedicated to stealing the election. We can win Ohio. And THIS district is one of the keys. The incumbent is one of the nastiest, most reactionary right wing nuts of the Republican Party who called John Murtha a 'coward'. And she barely won in 2006. Defeating her would be VERY sweet and it would help swing the entire election for the Democratic Candidate for President. CRITICAL DISTRICT!!!

OH-15 Democratic Nominee Fund


As I said above, Ohio will be THE swing state of 2008. Only this time the Secretary of State of Ohio is honest, not a corrupt Republican dedicated to stealing the election. We can win Ohio. And THIS district is one of the keys. The incumbent has connections with Jack Abramoff and Bob Ney, so the corruption issue will be big here. This is another CRITICAL DISTRICT.

PA-06 Democratic Nominee Fund


We almost won this one in 2006 and we can win it in 2008. This district leans Democrat, so the incumbent Republican is a left over from a past, more conservative era. Since Pennsylvania is another swing state, this is a very important district.

PA-05 Democratic Nominee Fund


This seat is currently held by John Peterson (R). But Peterson is one of many Republicans who are jumping ship and retiring. This means this will be an open seat and thus a good pick up opportunity. Since Pennsylvania will also be a major swing state, we really need to make a good showing throughout the state and this district is a good one to go aggressive in. Contributions to this fund will be sent to the Democratic nominee upon his or her selection.

NV-03 Democratic Nominee Fund


This is the ultimate swing district in the nation, going slightly for Gore in 2000 and slightly for Bush in 2004. The incumbent is more conservative than the district. Winning here would help swing the ultimate swing district in the one of the most purple states in the nation. Important district.

CA-04 Democratic Nominee Fund


The incumbent barely won last year and is going down in flames under the weight of corruption. He was so bad, he has been driving prominent Republicans in his district to switch to Democrat. This won't swing the presidential election, but it is probably the best pick up chance of 2008. Important district.

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