Contribute Now to Draft Gore

by Nation-Building blog


Gore isn't running... yet. But if enough people make a statement that we will support him in deed, not just words, then maybe it might happen. One dollar donated to Gore counts for more than a thousand blog posts. And if he doesn't end up running, the money goes to the Democratic nominee, so there's no risk.

Image of Al Gore for President Draft Fund

Al Gore for President Draft Fund


Recently, Al Gore departed from his usual denials and said that he hadn't fully ruled out a run for President in 2008. Gore is a true statesman, a brilliant mind, a visionary. He's also a liberal hawk who was right about the Gulff War (yes), Afghanistan (yes), and Iraq (no). If you donate to the Drafft Gore fund by ActBlue, it will send Gore a message that he has the grassroots support that he needs and that we have his back. If he still chooses not to run, the money will be donated to the DNC. So please chip in a small token - be it $15, $10, or even $5. And in doing so, you're saying loud and clear: Run, Al, run!