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Now is the time for the pro-union progressives to retake Wisconsin and stand up to the right wing extremist anti-working class agenda. This Act Blue Page focuses on the State Senate and Assembly seats we need to take to stop the teabaggers from further hurting our unions.

This is the second round of recall elections and our chances on these three (the top ones on this page) are quite good. We really can retake the Wisconsin State Senate THIS YEAR.

I recommend donations in $14 increments in honor of the 14 Democratic State Senators who tried everything to stand up to Walker's attack on unions.

Image of John Lehman

John Lehman


Former State Senator John Lehman is running in the 21st district against recalled Republican Van Wanggaard. This looks like our best opportunity to win this year because this is a district that went for both Obama and Kerry so leans blue.

Image of Donna Seidel

Donna Seidel


Donna Seidel is running against recalled Republican Pam Galloway in the 29th district. Galloway barely squeaked by last time, winning by about 4 percentage points. This district went for Obama, but is a swing district. We have a good shot at winning this one, though perhaps not as good as Lehman's shot at this point.

Image of Kristen Dexter

Kristen Dexter


Kirsten Dexter is running against recalled Republican v in the 23rd district. This district went for Obama and was a tossup between Kerry and Bush so is another swing district. From what I hear Kirsten Dexter is pretty kick ass, really honest and really down to earth.

Image of Jessica King

Jessica King


UPDATE: WE WON THIS ONE! And I am SO glad Jessica King, who I have supported for years, made it.

Jessica King is one of the best candidates we have in Wisconsin. She is running against recalled Republican Randy Hopper in the 18th district. In their last race Hopper won by less than 200 votes. This time he is very likely to lose. Jessica King is intelligent and very capable and will make an excellent State Senator.

Image of Jennifer Shilling

Jennifer Shilling



Assemblywoman Jennifer Shilling is challenging recalled Republican Kapanke for the 32nd State Senate district. Jennifer is a strong candidate with a very good shot at winning.

Image of Shelly Moore

Shelly Moore


Shelly Moore is challenging Recalled Republican Sheila Harsdorf for the 10th State Senate district. As a teacher Shelly Moore has been dedicated to the local community for years now and she is now standing up to right wing Republican attacks on education and teachers. She is NOT a career politician but a community member who wants to stand up for her community:

Image of Fred Clark

Fred Clark


Assemblyman Fred Clark is challenging recalled Republican Olson for the 14th State Senate district.

Image of Sandy Pasch

Sandy Pasch


Assemblywoman Sandy Pasch is running against recalled Republican Alberta Darling for the 8th State Senate seat.

Image of Nancy Nusbaum

Nancy Nusbaum


Former Brown County Executive Nancy Nusbaum is challenging recalled Republican Robert Cowles. Here is her statement about running:

"People across our communities are frustrated with the extreme, divisive agenda that has been unleashed upon Wisconsin without any warning, and by career politicians who put the party bosses and special interests ahead of the people they are supposed to represent," said Nusbaum. "I'm running to be your state senator to stand up to these radical policies, fight for our shared values, and to provide the leadership that Sen. Cowles is failing to deliver."

Image of Jim Holperin

Jim Holperin


Jim Holperin is a strong Democrat who is being targeted by a radical Republican recall effort. They claim they have the signatures for the recall. This should be an easy seat to defend, but we still will need to defend it.

Image of Bob Wirch

Bob Wirch


This is another probably easy defense. Radical Republicans are targeting Bob Wirch and we do need to pay attention here. But we are probably safe.

Image of Dave Hansen

Dave Hansen


And one more probably easy defense. Radical Republicans are targeting Dave Hansen and we do need to pay attention here. But we are probably safe.

Image of Steve Doyle

Steve Doyle



La Crosse County Board member Steve Doyle is running for Assembly in an open seat (94th district). This is our first chance to flip an Assembly seat away from a Walker Republican extremist. Steve has already been endorsed by the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters.

Here's Steve Doyle and his right wing Republican opponent debating Walker's attack on unions:

Image of Badger Protest PAC

Badger Protest PAC

The Badger Protest Political Action Committee (PAC) was officially born on the eighth day of the protests in Madison, Wisconsin. These protests have garnered international attention and have reignited the progressive movement in this country.

The Badger Protest PAC was formed by Nicholas Adams Judge, a UW-Madison PhD student and union member, in order to transform the power of the protests into long-lasting and effective political pressure on the Wisconsin state legislators that are considering voting for this bill and others like it.

By donating to the Badger Protest PAC, you aren’t asking politicians to pay attention to you – you’re telling them.

Image of Assembly Democratic Campaign Committee (WI)

Assembly Democratic Campaign Committee (WI)

Targeting the Wisconsin Assembly. We need a strong fight to gain seats in the Assembly as well as the Senate.

State Senate Democratic Committee (WI)

Setting up for a strong fight across the board in the Wisconsin State Senate.

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