Contribute Now to Grayson for Congress

by Thomas Baker


We all know what we need – a Progressive Democrat with guts, who sticks to his principles. And in FL-8 we’ve got one: Alan Grayson.

Alan Grayson prosecutes war profiteers in Iraq. He represents the whistleblowers who witness the fraud. Because the Bush Administration won’t lift a finger to fight contractor fraud in Iraq, he pushes the cases through federal court himself. Last year, in the only case of contractor fraud to go to trial, he won a $10+ million verdict for the taxpayer, even though Bush’s DOJ refused to prosecute.

There are five cases pending in federal court against contractors in Iraq. Alan Grayson is the prosecuting attorney in all five of them.

CNN’s Tom Foreman called him “a leading critic of the war in Iraq.” The Wall St. Journal said that he’s “waging a one-man war against contractor fraud in Iraq.” The nationwide group Taxpayers Against Fraud named him Lawyer of the Year. And the Florida Civil Rights Association named him Humanitarian of the Year. He has testified four times before Congress about contractor fraud in Iraq, three times at the invitation of Senate Democrats.

Vanity Fair magazine did an 11-page profile on him. He has appeared repeatedly on the CBS Evening News, 60 Minutes, and NPR. He’s been quoted dozens of times in the Washington Post, the New York Times, USA Today, and other national media. Why? Because Alan Grayson is fighting billion-dollar fraud and corruption by KBR, Halliburton, Custer Battles and the rest, and he’s the only one who’s doing it. He’s got guts.

And that’s not all. Alan Grayson is a family man, with five young children. He started and was the first President of IDT, a billion-dollar public company. He founded and, for twenty years, he’s been an officer of the Alliance for Aging Research. Alan is on the Board of Florida Senior Programs, and Floridians for Fair Elections. And he’s been devoted to the Democratic Party – he and his wife gave $100,000 to help the last Democratic Presidential nominee.

There is no other Democratic challenger in the country like Alan Grayson. Alan Grayson is pro-choice, pro-union, pro-universal health care and, above all, pro-peace. He’s the kind of person who can help to turn this country around. We need him, and he needs us. If Alan Grayson wins, we all win.

Image of Alan Grayson (2010)

Alan Grayson (2010)