Contribute Now to Help Gustavo Fend Off Espada's Lawyers

by Gustavo Rivera for State Senate


Pedro Espada is running scared!

Espada knows he is in trouble and the voters of his district want him out. He has hired a bunch of lawyers to attack Gustavo and try to distract him from what many are calling the most important race of the year.

Your contribution will make sure Espada fails. Your donation will make sure Gustavo is on the ballot on September 14th.

Thousands of people in the district are supporting Gustavo and have signed his petition to be on the ballot. Your donation will make sure they are not disenfranchised.

Please make a contribution today. We estimate that $15,000 is what Gustavo needs to fend off Espada's lawyers. Please ask your friends to contribute as well. This race is too important and needs to be decided in the voting booth.

Image of Gustavo Rivera

Gustavo Rivera