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Patrick Murphy


Captain Patrick J. Murphy is the Democratic nominee for U.S. Congress in Pennsylvania's 8th District, which includes Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties. He served for eleven years in the US Army, including tours in Bosnia and Iraq. He was the youngest member of the faculty at West Point, where he taught constitutional law--and you know we need some people down in Congress who care about and understand our Constitution.

He also served as a Special Assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District and successfully prosecuted a radical lieutenant of Muqtada Sadr. For his service in Iraq as a JAG Corps officer and a paratrooper, which also included advising on offensive operations, initiating reconstruction efforts within the justice system and training the new Iraqi Civil Defense Corps, Capt. Murphy earned the Bronze Star and his unit earned the Presidential Unit Citation.

He’s running a campaign based on service to the community and the country, believes in universal health care, real equal rights and rebuilding our reputation around the world.