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by Jennifer Harper


I honestly cannot recall ever being this excited about a U.S. Senate candidate! I hope that once you learn more about Andrew Rice you will join me in supporting him as Oklahoma's next United States Senator.

Oklahomans have a true choice this election - staying with a radical, right-wing corporate shill with his pro torture, pro occupation, pro discrimination, anti-Constitution, anti-veteran, anti-student and anti-environment positions (like claiming that global warming is a hoax) - or- electing a true moderate, progressive, Christian Democrat.

Andrew Rice, who lost his brother in the 9/11 attacks, is a man that Oklahoma, indeed the entire nation needs in Washington, now more than ever.

Rice believes that:

1) By never questioning the wisdom of this war, Senator Inhofe’s rubber stamp support for the Bush Iraq War policy has betrayed American soldiers and their families who are asked to sacrifice;

2) Congress should force the President to implement an orderly redeployment of American troops from the Civil War in Iraq and adequately finance their health and well-being as they return home;

3) Once the Iraq Civil War is no longer draining American lives and treasure, the U.S. can refocus our might and skill on identifying and destroying terrorist cells around the world. Just 18 days before the start of the Iraq War, America enjoyed one of our greatest successes since 9/11 when our intelligence forces cooperated with Pakistani intelligence to capture Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks. Rather than refereeing a civil war, this surgical raid in a Pakistani village 4 ½ years ago serves as an example of American strength against terror. Mohammed remains in U.S. custody today.

Andrew Rice is concerned that Senator Jim Inhofe is too beholden to the big oil companies to ever question their extremely high profits or force them to develop alternative fuels. In his current re-election campaign, Sen. Inhofe has obtained more than 30 percent of his special interest money from the energy industry. Rather than give more tax breaks to big oil companies, Andrew Rice will work to increase U.S. government investment in alternative fuel development. These investments will directly benefit Oklahoma, where abundant natural resources raise the potential of our state as a major alternative fuel supplier.

Unlike George W. Bush and Jim Inhofe, Andrew Rice is prepared to ask more Americans, not just our men and women in uniform, to sacrifice in order to win the war on terror. We cannot overcome the evil of terrorism on the cheap. Andrew Rice will ensure that soldiers and veterans receive their full benefits and he will fight to improve the veterans’ health care system so that no deserving soldier is denied treatment

Andrew Rice is a “competence-in-government Democrat”. His record on taxes shows he will work to ensure that American taxpayers are getting their money’s worth from their federal government. Oklahomans know that in today’s world, you get what you pay for. Rice believes that government’s basic functions like national defense, law enforcement, disaster relief and recovery, infrastructure, education and health care for the poor must be well funded and efficiently managed.

Please join me in supporting Andrew Rice for United States Senate by donating to his campaign today. Together we can make a difference for Oklahoma, the United States, and the world.

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Jennifer Harper


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Andrew Rice