Contribute Now to Harry's Friends for Marriage Equality

by Harry


To my dear friends and family,

I almost never ask for donations for political causes but never has there been an issue put to the voters that has such a direct bearing on my life. Essentially, Proposition 8 asks Californians to vote on whether I am a full citizen of the state, with the same rights, privileges, and responsibilities as all other Californians. The right to marry the person you love should be deprived to no one. If that happy day ever arrives, I should be able to stand before all of you and have my commitment recognized by the state.

Sadly, the Mormon church and other groups are pouring millions of dollars into California to pass Prop. 8 which will write discrimination into the California Constitution. In the final days of the campaign, the No forces are once again being dramatically outspent. So, with humility and respect, I ask each of you to make a contribution, even if it is $5, so that my newly-recognized right to marry will not be stripped away. Thank you so very much.


Equality for All