Contribute Now to Participate

by The ActBlue Team


Democrats built the healthcare bill with our words and wallets, and the forces of repeal attacked it with fists and bricks. But the threats, intimidation and violence directed at Democrats in the week since President Obama signed the bill into law are not new developments. They're the inevitable result of a GOP strategy that takes the cheap and easy approach to politics: fearmongering, distrust, and exclusion.

As Democrats, we know that fear doesn't bring change. It takes courage, community, and hard work to improve this country, and on ActBlue, we witnessed that first hand as tens of thousands of Democrats opened their wallets to help push the healthcare reform process forward. The total haul came in at around $1,000,000, and funded the essentials of political organizing: advertisements, letter-writing campaigns, and phone banking.

ActBlue built the foundation that made those actions--integral to the success of healthcare reform--possible. So join us in celebrating the realization of a Democratic dream half a century in the making. Your $15 recurring contribution is a mark of the difference between the party of intimidation and the party of participation.

At ActBlue, we're helping you own your political future one donation at a time. And thanks to your efforts, that future includes healthcare for 32 million uninsured Americans.

Remember, good ideas depend on ActBlue, and we depend on you.

Support ActBlue.

From all of us at ActBlue, thanks.

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