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Healthcare Reform is one of the biggest issues of our generation. Let me point you to my arguments that America's current healthcare system is among the most expensive in the world but gives only mediocre outcomes. Obama and the Democrats would like to emulate those Western Democracies that PAY LESS for healthcare but GET MORE from their system. If they can do it, why can't we? Congressman Anthony Weiner has also had a lot to say on the subject that is worth your consideration.

But some people are really standing in the way of affordable, effective healthcare for Americans. This ActBlue Page is dedicated to defeating those Democrats and Republicans who are most in the way of reform, and defending some of the best defenders of healthcare reform.

Image of Bill Halter

Bill Halter


Bill Halter is running a primary challenge against DINO Blanche Lincoln (and I don't use the DINO accusation lightly!). Blanche Lincoln has done everything she can to stop healthcare reform and has sided with Republicans way too often. As soon as Halter, who is Lt Gov. of Arkansas, so has won a statewide election, entered the race, the AFL-CIO, and Democracy for America all endorsed him. Furthermore, Emily's List immediately withdrew they previous support for Blanche Lincoln. Lincoln is one of the least popular Senators and is likely to be defeated anyway. We'd rather we got a better Democrat in there rather than have a Republican defeat DINO Blanche Lincoln.

Here is Bill Halter on the Rachel Maddow show:

Image of Alan Grayson (2010)

Alan Grayson (2010)


Alan Grayson has not only been one of the top champions of healthcare reform, but has been the number one thorn in the side of Republicans in Congress today. The man is amazing! So, of course, Republicans are seriously targeting him. We need to defend this seat big time. Here's one example of Alan Grayson standing up for average Americans:

Image of Regina Thomas

Regina Thomas


This is another primary challenge. Regina Thomas is challenging Blue Dog John Barrow who is among the least popular Democrats in Congress and who has opposed practically every major Obama policy. Barrow has voted with the Republicans on key issues more frequently than any other Democrat from a Democratic majority district.State Senator Regina Thomas, by contrast, is a truly dedicated public servant with a great track record of helping Georgia's working and middle class families. Here's a Video from Regina Thomas for Congress (Democrat for GA-12):

Image of Connie Saltonstall

Connie Saltonstall


Connie Saltonstall is running a primary challenge against Bart Stupak (MI-1), co-sponsor of the anti-choice Pitts-Stupak amendment that would take away the right to choose from many women in America. Stupak is also part of the religious extremist cult surrounding the C-street group and has also supported the failed "abstinence only" sex-education programs that increase teen pregnancy rates. This is our chance to show Democrats who side too much with Republicans are vulnerable. Connie has just thrown her hat into the ring, so we don't yet know how robust her challenge to the anti-choice Stupak will be, but I suspect NARAL and Planned Parenthood are eying her early fundraising efforts with interest. More on Saltonstall's opponent, Stupak, from Rachel Maddow:

Image of Jennifer Brunner

Jennifer Brunner


Jennifer Brunner is running for Ohio Senate. Flipping this seat to the Dem side would be a huge help in winning the healthcare battle. Jennifer Brunner has been the amazing, award winning secretary of state for Ohio and would make an EXCELLENT Senator.

Here is Jennifer Brunner's announcement for her Senate run:

And here's Jennifer talking Healthcare Reform:

Image of Robin Carnahan

Robin Carnahan


Robin Carnahan is running against the amazingly corrupt and right wing extremist Roy Blunt...a man who SHOULD be in jail for his corruption...for Missouri Senate. Flipping this seat to the Dem side would be a huge help in winning the healthcare battle. I am hoping this will turn out to be one of the top races this year because defeating Roy Blunt HAS to be a priority.

Image of Lois Herr

Lois Herr


Lois Herr is running against Republican Pitts, who teamed up with Stupak to try and tack an anti-abortion amendment to healthcare reform. Lois Herr has been endorsed by NOW and Feminist Majority.

Image of Kendrick Meek

Kendrick Meek


Kendrick Meek is running for Florida Senate. Flipping this seat to the Dem side would be a huge help in winning the healthcare battle. Here is an interview with Democratic candidate Kendrick Meek:

Image of Michael Bennet

Michael Bennet


Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO) has been a champion of the Public Option. He is also being heavily targeted by Republicans and the seat is considered a tossup this year. This is a seat well worth defending. Here is Senator Bennet supporting healthcare reform:

Image of Jared Polis

Jared Polis


On January 27, 2010, Congressman Jared Polis joined several other Congressional reps in urging Majority Leader Reid to bring back to the table a public option for health care. He has been a consistent champion of healthcare reform. He is also the first openly gay man to be elected to the House of Representatives (others came out after being elected).

Image of Tom Perriello

Tom Perriello


Tom Perriello is an excellent human being. He has worked to end the civil war in Sierra Leone and bring war criminal Charles Taylor to justice. Since entering Congress he has leaned conservative, but overall has voted the right way almost every time. His stand on global warming even drew particularly nasty tactics from the Denial Lobby. I don't always agree with Tom, but I am sure happy he is in Congress. And the Republicans are targeting him more than almost any other Dem in Congress, so he needs and deserves our support.

Image of Mary Jo Kilroy

Mary Jo Kilroy


This is another seat being heavily targeted by Republicans. May Jo Kilroy has been solid on health care reform all along. She is in a true swing district in a true swing state and the Republicans are doing all they can to defeat her. This has to be one of our major lines of defense this year.

Image of Rob Miller

Rob Miller


Rob Miller is running against Republican Joe Wilson, who infamously yelled "You Lie!" at President Obama, though Obama's words about healthcare reform were actually accurate. Within days after Joe Wilson's insult, Rob Miller raised $1 million to challenge him. Let's make the Republicans sweat over this one. It just might teach them to hold their tongue.

Image of Andy Wilson

Andy Wilson


Andy Wilson is running against the disgusting Republican Randy Neugebauer who infamously yelled "baby killer" at Bart Stupak when Stupak, who is anti-choice, refused to side with the Republicans in the final hours of passage of healthcare reform. Again, let's make Republicans regret this kind of disgusting behavior. Let's help Wilson challenge Neugebauer.

Image of Corey O'Brien

Corey O'Brien


This is another primary challenge to one of the obstructionist DINOs who opposed healthcare reform. This is being called the most competitive primary challenge against an incumbent Dem of the year.

Lackawanna County Commissioner Corey D. O’Brien is challenging 26-year incumbent Paul Kanjorski in the Democratic Primary in Pennsylvania’s 11th Congressional District.

O’Brien has framed the campaign as a showdown between Main Street and Wall Street -- the people versus special interests. O’Brien’s platform includes Project Main Street, a jobs creation program designed to direct federal stimulus dollars into local communities. Based on his record of fighting for working families, O’Brien has received the backing of several important labor unions. Meanwhile, his opponent has overseen the financial meltdown as Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Capital Markets and has taken over $4 million from the very businesses on Wall Street he is supposed to be regulating. PA-11 is looking to replace old-style politics with new style leadership, and they have found their next Congressman in Corey O’Brien.

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