Contribute Now to Fix our Furnace Fund

by Maine Democratic Party



Over the weekend, The Maine Democratic Party lost a valuable member of our team. Sadly, our furnace is no longer with us. We will miss the ominous growling sounds coming from our basement, the occasional outbursts of dirty water, and the clanging of the pipes, all letting us know that we would soon be warmed as we work hard to fight the big chill of the GOP.

But now there's another chill to contend with - it's cold in here!

So we're moving on and laying "Old Smokey" to rest. When all is said and done, it will cost us $10,000 to replace our furnace. This is money we can scarcely afford this year so please consider a contribution to the MDP's building fund. We cannot afford to lose our headquarters - the hub of Democratic activity in Maine - in this crucial election year. The sooner we reach $10,000, the sooner we are back up and running in Augusta!

Thank you so much for whatever you are able to contribute to help fix our furnace!


The MDP Staff

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