Contribute Now to You can help the 14 Wisconsin State Senate Democrat heros.

by Jay Seegmiller


Wisconsin Labor battle - here is how you can help.

With a 19-14 edge to Republicans in the Wisconsin State Senate, Gov. Walker has the votes to pass his budget proposal which would strip most Wisconsin unions of the right to protect workers and negotiate collectively for better wages and benefits for the struggling middle-class.

Except Governor Walker didn’t count on one thing: The Senate needs a quorum of 20 Senators in the chamber to hold the vote. So guess what happened…

All 14 Wisconsin State Senate Democrats left the state.

If even one of these Democrats had remained in Wisconsin, the state police would have forcibly brought them to the state Capitol and the bill would have passed. So now they are holed up in another state playing a high stakes game of chicken over which side will cave first. That’s why we absolutely must back these Senators up today.

This is not only an assault on Labor but an assault on the Middle Class, and Democrats. If you fit into one of these three groups please contribute at least $14 to the Wisconsin State Democratic Committee right now and tell these 14 Hero Democrats to stand strong and -- never give up.

Similar attacks are happening in Ohio, New Jersey, Indiana and at least 10 more states. A win in Wisconsin will set the tone for how those attacks other states.

We have a chance to stop them all right here, right now. D.O.A. But to win, we must support the Heroes who are leading the resistance. Please, contribute at least $14 to the Wisconsin State Senate Democratic Committee right now.

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