Contribute Now to Please help Jim Martin become a Senator!

by Chris Henderson


Hi everyone!

I have been working on the Martin campaign, as you probably know, since it started in April. I can honestly say that Jim Martin is the most decent, honest, person I know. I would be honored if you could make any kind of contribution to the campaign. I have been working very hard to help get Jim elected, and we are currently in a run off with Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss. He has been nothing but a rubber stamp for Bush since he was elected- and has been running a dirty smear campaign against Jim, with commercials that are complete lies. PLEASE CONTRIBUTE ANYTHING YOU CAN TODAY!!!

I know we are all so happy that Barack has won-- but now we need Jim Martin to be one of his Senators so he can get his agenda done. Saxby will work to prevent Obama from getting what he wants to do done. Please help!!! Thanks!

Image of Jim Martin

Jim Martin