Contribute Now to Help Nancy Skinner Finish the Job

by SharonRB


In 2006, Nancy came closer than anyone ever has to beating rubber stamp Joe Knollenberg. She is the only candidate in the race who has run against Joe and shown that she can beat him if she has the financial resources to get the word out. Your contributions will help her win the nomination to finish the job in 2008. Nancy has the passion and progressive positions on the issues: the Iraq war, a woman's right to choose, stem cell research, the environment, jobs, health care, etc.; to make a great congresswoman who will fight for Democratic values. Nancy believes that our auto industry will recover and grow when we embrace the future and push for national funding to leapfrog to technologies like fuel cells, advanced hybrids and the national infrastructure at fueling stations to accommodate them. This is a win win for the economy and the environment.

Image of Nancy Skinner

Nancy Skinner