Contribute Now to Jim Martin for Senate

by Maury Herman and Russ Herman


Jim Martin is far and away the best candidate we could hope for in Georgia.

Recent polls show he has an excellent opportunity to beat Saxby Chambliss. He is a monetary conservative with a social conscience. I have had the pleasure of meeting Jim and discussing his candidacy with Chuck Schumer, chair of the DSCC. Just in the last three weeks or so, as a result of the polling and huge new voter registrations in Georgia, the DSCC has also become convinced of Jim's chances.

Chambliss is a disgrace. He won his seat by trashing Max Cleland including Max's war record even though Max is a true hero and bears the scars. Max lost because the Republican party poured money into Chambliss' campaign and Max was unable to mount the kind of attack necessary to overcome the onslaught of deceit. Recent polls indicate this race, as of last week, is a dead heat. The trend strongly favors Jim and that's why Chambliss has embarked on his new disgusting and untruthful media campaign. We lost this seat because of our complacency in thinking that Max had it locked up. We cannot allow the same thing to happen again. Jim needs our vote and he needs our $$$$. Please make a contribution to his campaign in the amount of $2,300 (the Federal limit) or whatever other lesser amount you can afford.

Maury Herman and Russ Herman

Image of Jim Martin

Jim Martin