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HILLARY CLINTON FORUM, an online discussion group for supporters of Hillary Clinton, endorses the fundraising activities of the following PACs and candidates:

The Denver Group (Campaign for Democracy, 2008)
Hillary Clinton (Presidential Campaign, 2008)
Ed O'Reilly (MA Senate Campaign, 2008)
Sheila Jackson Lee (Congressional Campaign, Texas, 2008)
Stephanie Tubbs Jones (Congressional Campaign, Ohio, 2008)

WomenCount PAC (Defending the Rights of Women in Politics, 2008)
To donate to any of the above please follow the "contribute" button on this page. By contributing via this Hillary Clinton Forum referral page your money will go to the PAC/candidate of your choice and the referral kudos will be awarded to the Hillary Clinton Forum!

(NB - is 100% independent and has NIL affiliation with Hillary Clinton or her presidential campaign 2008)

Image of The Denver Group

The Denver Group

Lobbying for fairness at the 2008 DNC convention and for pledged delegates and superdelegates to have the right to vote for Hillary Clinton! Making contributions to The Denver Group will help them to continuing placing advertisements in newspapers throughout the USA.

Image of Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton


The BEST choice to take on the Republicans in 2008! This is the "debt retirement" contribution fund (presidential primary campaign fund 2008). You can only contribute if you did not max out during the primary (<$2300).

Image of Ed O'Reilly

Ed O'Reilly


Opposing John Kerry for US Senate position (MA) in 2008.

Image of Sheila Jackson Lee

Sheila Jackson Lee


Great supporter of Hillary Clinton & up for re-election in 2008.

Image of Stephanie Tubbs Jones

Stephanie Tubbs Jones


Great supporter of Hillary Clinton & up for re-election in 2008.

WomenCount PAC

"WomenCount PAC was created to ensure that the 51 percent of American citizens who are women have their values and votes counted in the political process. "

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