Contribute Now to Jim Holbert for Congress -- Better Representation for Southeast Kentucky and America

by Jim Holbert


Hello, my name is Jim Holbert, and I'm a retired military officer who works as an Emergency Medical Service helicopter pilot. My wife Cindy and I live in Laurel County.

I ran for Congress in Kentucky's 5th District in 2008, and I’m running again in 2010, because we desperately need common-sense action from Congress for southeast Kentucky and for America. (click here to view video)

Let's face facts: After nearly 30 years of Hal Rogers in Congress, southeast Kentucky remains at rock bottom in economic and educational status, and in the health and well-being of our people. We're locked in two mismanaged, no-win wars half a world away, and reeling on the brink of another Great Depression here at home, as tens of thousands of us continue to lose jobs every month.

We won't see better days until we start doing things differently, and for that to happen, Hal Rogers needs to go from Congress.

Hal Rogers stands for the political mistakes that have put America in crisis and held southeast Kentucky back.

I stand for common sense solutions, speaking the truth, and reversing the mistakes that have wrecked America.

In Congress, I will work on the issues that matter. I am not a career politician or a servant of any special interest. I won't be a rubber stamp for a Party establishment or for the corrupted political leadership which refuses to take action while our Country is being destroyed.

But I will be a strong advocate for ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and bringing our troops home, enacting an energy policy that makes sense for America, creating American jobs, and enforcing our illegal immigration laws.

I need your help and support to move forward and bring better representation for southeast Kentucky and America to Congress. Your contributions are urgently needed, and sincerely appreciated. Thank you.

~Jim Holbert

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Jim Holbert