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by Pamella S. Gronemeyer, M.D.


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Danny Stover


I support Dan Stover because he wants to insure that every American earns a livable wage for working hard to keep America going. His opponent, Representative John Shimkus has no problem seeing his salary go up $31,000 in the last several years while the federal minimum wage remains unchanged. The American worker isn't asking for a handout. He is merely asking Congress to do the right thing. All Americans want the chance to be able to support themselves. Small business owners, the backbone of America, know that the people who work with them and for them, deserve a living wage. Don't let Shimkus try to push the blame for his inanition off on small businesses whose owners are demandiing this fixed low wage. It's the corporations who put the stockholders' dividends over the welfare of their employees who are preventing the Republican Congress from acting. Stand up with Stover for the American worker. We are all in this together and we need to fight now. Contact me at DRGRONEMEYER@MSN.COM.

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