Contribute Now to For my dad please.... No on 8

by Allison Houston


My father just married his loving partner of 37 years. Please help make sure Prop 8 does not take that away from them.

My dad is one of the most amazing human beings you will ever meet. He is smart, kind, funny, and amazingly generous. He has spent most of his life as an Episcopal priest, helping to care for the thousands of people in various diocese.

My dad has spent much of my life in the most loving, committed relationship you can imagine. His is the example I use when I talk to people about fidelity, commitment, monogamy, friendship, trust and true love.

Just a few months ago, they married in San Francisco. Surrounded by a few friends along with me, my husband, my sister and brother, and his two grandchildren - whom he loves dearly. I felt so blessed to be able to share with my own family, and with my children especially, the opportunity to celebrate the formal binding of such an extraordinary commitment between two people.

He doesn't deserve to have that taken away. He has done only good in his lfe for others, catering to the poor, the sick, the lonely, the sad.... He has done only good for his community.

I know everyone is hurting for money. But please consider, in these last few days, contributing a little something to this fundraising page. It all goes to No on 8. Please help me honor the idea that marriage should celebrate the best relationships among all people.... and that true love has many faces.

Equality for All

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