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1. We expect our elected officials to be exemplars of civility and community.

2. We demand that our representatives represent OUR interests and not those of lobbyists and the corporations they serve.

3. We work to oust those who trade in fear and deception to the detriment of civil discourse and society as a whole.

4. Idiocy (n)-

A. Extreme folly or stupidity.

B. A foolish or stupid utterance or deed.

Image of David Loebsack

David Loebsack


Dave Loebsack is a clear alternative to the right wing, tin foil hats that seem to believe more in an America of the past than in an America of the future.

Image of Tom Harkin

Tom Harkin


Tom Harkin is a true American who has the interests of the People not Corporations at heart.

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Iowa Democratic Party - Federal Account

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