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Illinois needs more supportive, LGBT allies in Congress. Please donate and help some true friends of the LGBT community advance our cause. Homophobic Democrats like Dan Lipinski are no better than Republicans. They do almost NOTHING to address our concerns. Focus on electing leaders that care about LGBT rights in Illinois and will carry our standard with pride and conviction.

ActBlue provides a unique way for you to make your voice echo in the corridors of power. Please support them with a 10% tip when you contribute.

Image of Mike Quigley

Mike Quigley


Congressman Quigley Inducted Into Chicago LGBT Hall of Fame - 2009

“To be included amongst these other inspiring leaders is almost as great an honor as being inducted itself. While we have accomplished quite a bit together, we still have work to do. Whether it’s repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell or DOMA, it’s our moral obligation to ensure that all citizens are treated with dignity and equality.”

Image of Tammy Duckworth

Tammy Duckworth


"When my army buddies were pulling me out of a downed helicopter in Iraq, it didn’t matter to me if they were gay or straight."

Image of Janice Schakowsky

Janice Schakowsky


Vice Chair of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Equality Caucus

"For decades we have worked for equality. We have worked to fulfill the promise that America is a place without discrimination. You can count on me to continue to work hard on the fight for equality."

Image of Bill Foster

Bill Foster


"I support Civil Unions that provide same sex couples with the legal rights and privileges enjoyed by heterosexual married couples" -- COME ON BILL - YOU CAN DO BETTER! YOU NEED TO STAND FIRM ON MARRIAGE EQUALITY FOR ALL!

Image of David Gill

David Gill


"It's shameful that the Defense of Marriage Act ever got passed," said Gill. "We're going to look back in hopefully not too many years and say what was going on back there in 2012 when they wouldn't let two consenting adults get married?"

Image of Wanda Rohl

Wanda Rohl


Wanda was on hand to show support for Rockford’s first ever Pride Fest. More than 3,000 visitors joined in solidarity with the LGBT community for a day of music, great eats and general fun that lasted into the evening.

Image of Cheri Bustos

Cheri Bustos


Supports marriage equality.

Image of Luis Gutierrez

Luis Gutierrez


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