Contribute Now to ilona's NO on Proposition 8 fundraising page

by ilona


California's Proposition 8 would eliminate the right of same sex couples to marry. Please join me in supporting the campaign against Proposition 8.

You may know that I've been working to advance and protect the civil rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people for years, and those issues are extremely important to me. But regardless of how you feel about marriage for same-sex couples, it's wrong to single out a group of people to take away a fundamental right.

This is an incredibly important fight that, win or lose, will have repercussions far beyond California. We have to act NOW to try to match the other side's fundraising, which is raising millions of dollars from anti-gay extremist forces across the country.
Please help contribute to the campaign by donating today!

Thanks so much for joining me to defend the notion that all people deserve equal dignity and respect.

Equality for All

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