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by Bob Fertik

ImpeachPAC supports candidates who support the immediate and simultaneous impeachment of George Bush and Dick Cheney.

Image of Jean Hay Bright

Jean Hay Bright


Jean Hay Bright writes, "We have an Administration seizing power it has no right to seize, openly violating national and international laws and the Constitution, refusing to divulge, even to members of Congress, what it is doing. And we have a complicit Congress sitting there with one eye closed, not doing anything about it." That will change when Hay Bright beats Olympia Snowe in Maine's Senate race!

Image of Jeeni Criscenzo

Jeeni Criscenzo


Jeeni Criscenzo writes, "The future of our country is balancing on a precarious precipice. The Bush cabal is moving full-speed ahead in their plans to establish the Global Empire of Halliburton... Our only chance to stop this nightmare is to take back Congress THIS YEAR. That means winning a majority in November AND making impeachment of Bush and Cheney our first priority." We're all dreaming of Jeeni in the House!

Image of Bill Durston

Bill Durston


Dr. Durston served in Vietnam with the Marines 3rd Force Reconnaissance Company, and he received the Navy Commendation medal for bravery under combat. He is board certified in both Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine and has practiced in Sacramento for over 20 years. He was President of the Sacramento chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility from 2003 until this year.

Image of Chris Owens

Chris Owens


Chris Owens is running for the open seat in Brooklyn now represented by his father, Major Owens, who has championed progressive causes in Congress since 1982. At a candidates forum, Chris emphasized Bush's wiretapping scandal. "By his own admission, he violated the law. He has dared us - he has dared us! - to define his violations as a high crime and misdemeanor." That's the kind of leadership we need to impeach Bush and Cheney. But first we need to make sure Owens wins a very competitive Democratic primary in September - so let's give him all the help we can!

Image of Carl Sheeler

Carl Sheeler


Carl Sheeler placed billboards around the state of Rhode Island with the words "Be Patriotic: Impeach Bush" over the text of the U.S. Constitution. Sheeler has raised the issue three times before the Rhode Island General Assembly and has introduced a resolution that would require the state legislature to send impeachment charges to the U.S. House of Representatives. Sheeler has publicly called on his state's delegation to Congress to work for impeachment. Let's eliminate the middleman by sending Sheeler directly to the Senate!

Image of Tony Trupiano

Tony Trupiano


Tony Trupiano was the first candidate endorsed by ImpeachPAC - and he took a LOT of flak from DC insiders for doing so. But Trupiano is undeterred - and proud to have our support!! He has been a progressive talk show host in Detroit since 1995, and is considered the "voice of labor" in Michigan. Let's make him the "voice of the American people" in Congress!

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