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The 2006 Democratic victory proved beyond a doubt that the netroots are on the ascent. We've countered the right-wing in the press, we've exposed hypocrisy and racism, we've knocked on doors, we've built buzz, and we fueled our candidate's campaigns with every dollar we had. *Now it's time to build our strength, and our future.*

BlogPac and ActBlue are two key pieces of the growing netroots infrastructure -- lean, nimble efforts that will build progressive power, will be accountable to all their supporters, and will last well beyond any single campaign, election cycle, or party leader. *By supporting BlogPac and ActBlue, you're building a Democratic movement that fights every day for our greatest ideals and aspirations.*

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BlogPac is a political action committee dedicated to helping promote the people, organizations, campaigns and ideas that make the progressive movement possible. In keeping with this mission, during 2006 we engaged in the following projects:

  • Conducted the first scientifically random survey of netroots activists (read Part One and Part Two of the survey)
  • Sponsored the 2006 Yearly Kos convention in Las Vegas, thus helping create the first national convention of netroots activists
  • Sponsored Drinking Liberally, thereby assisting in creating a shared social space for local progressive activists around the nation
  • Sponsored Do More Than Vote, which provided a variety of ways people could take action in the 2006 elections in five minutes or less
  • Sponsored Blue America PAC and Blue Jersey, both which have each conducted a wide range of innovative campaigns over the past year
  • Managed the Google Bomb the Elections campaign, thereby providing search engine optimization for a progressive message in fifty key congressional districts
  • Initiated the Use It Or Lose It campaign, which was essential in allowing Democrats to expand the playing field over the final weeks of the 2006 elections

At the start of 2007, we are now working on building a <a href=""">50 state local blog network. Please help us achieve this goal by donating today.

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ActBlue is a political committee that enables anyone -- individuals, local groups, and national organizations -- to fundraise for the Democratic candidates of their choice.

Here's what that means in practice:

And here's just a taste of what's in store in 2007-08:

  • Expanding our fundraising capacity to the remaining 28 states.
  • Fundraising 101 conference calls for everyone around the country who wants to support Democratic candidates.
  • Want to go beyond fundraising? Stay tuned for ways ActBlue can help you plan events and volunteer opportunities, and find out what's going on in your Democratic community!

With your help today, we're building the Democratic party of tomorrow.

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