Contribute Now to I Set Up An ActBlue Express Account!

by The ActBlue Team


One-click political donations are only a minute away.

ActBlue is unveiling a sparkly new feature this week. We’re calling it ActBlue Express, and we think you’re going to like it. It’ll make your life easier, and it’ll make democracy stronger. (How clever.)

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It’s better for you. ActBlue Express will save you time by storing your information for you, just like Amazon. See all your donations in once place.

It’s better for democracy. Through ActBlue Express, we’ll collect the kinds of information campaigns need to do a better job—and we’ll protect your privacy at the same time.

It’s better for the environment. Over time, ActBlue will help campaigns cut down on unnecessary paper mailings, by allowing you to elect to have campaign correspondence delivered to you electronically. (We could have called this “ActBlue Goes Green,” but we’re not that incorrigibly schmaltzy.)
Donate a dollar (or ten) to ActBlue and follow the links to set up your ActBlue Express account today! (Setup page appears after your transaction is complete.)

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