Contribute Now to I "Reset" SF T-Shirts

by Phil Ting For Mayor 2011


We all love San Francisco, but we know that we can do better. That's why Phil Ting is running a different kind of campaign called Reset San Francisco. It's all about engaging the community to share their ideas on how our city government can be faster, fairer and smarter.

If you make a donation today ($20 or more), we will send you a Reset T-Shirt! Someone from our team will contact (e-mail/phone) you about your preferred size and style (crew neck or v-neck).

Our Reset San Francisco campaign is already organizing tens of thousands of San Franciscans around solutions to improve our Municipal Railway and to make our government work for everyone. We have over 12,000 supporters on Facebook – almost twice as many as any other candidate, and our website received over 100,000 views last month alone. Many days we are drawing more traffic than and we’re growing fast!

And right now, we need your help to keep the incredible momentum going.

A donation today helps us keep our incredible momentum going. Learn more about Phil Ting's campaign here:

Image of Phil Ting for Mayor 2011

Phil Ting for Mayor 2011