Contribute Now to I Want My Country Back - Vote Democrat in November

by Joshua Weitz


The next two years provide an opportunity to re-frame America's image, to renew and safeguard Democratic institutions, to protect the long-term balance of the Supreme Court, and to ensure that the voting process itself remains a level playing field.

The Republicans have started a war with disastrous consequences. They have supported the degradation of civil liberties. They have used terror as a means of instilling fear. On their watch, North Korea now has the bomb and Iran has expanded its nuclear weapons program. On their watch, tax breaks have been giving to the super wealthy while the middle class faces an ever tightening budget squeeze.

The time has come to put America back in the hands of responsible leadership and to take away the bully pulpit of a Republican-controlled legislative branch. Please spread the word to friends. Give what you can and vote Democrat on Election Day.

Image of Harold Ford, Jr.

Harold Ford, Jr.


Rep. Ford Jr. is a smart, energetic candidate who has a chance to become the first black Senator from the South since Reconstruction. He is up against Bob Corker who has launched a series of racist attack ads that the RNC has refused to disavow. Rep. Ford needs our help and he needs it now.

Image of James Webb

James Webb


Virignia is undergoing an identity crisis. The expansion of the DC suburbs has led to an increasingly Democratic and moderate voting bloc that contrasts with historical voting patterns guided by "rural values." The reality is, rural voters see in Webb many of the qualities they look for in a candidate: ex-military, was Secretary of the Navy, strong Southern ties. They are also disenchanted by George Allen, aka "the man who will call you macaca", who by all counts is a bonafide son of a bitch. Vote Webb, this race will go down to the wire.

Image of Jon Tester

Jon Tester


Mr. Tester is an organic farmer and president of the Montana Senate, and amazingly, seems primed to unseat Conrad Burns in Montana. Sen. Burns was one of Abramoff's cronies and is deep into the GOP corruption racket. This is a great race to be part of -- help Mr. Tester today.

Image of Claire McCaskill

Claire McCaskill


Ms. McCakill waitresed her way through college and law school, went on to become the first female prosecutor in Jackson county, and is currently state auditor. She is in favor of stem cell research and is currently on the receiving end of negative attacks from the GOP, including attacks by Rush Limbaugh who accused Michael J. Fox of "faking" the severity of his Parkinson's disease to support McCaskill's campaign. Her opponent Jim Talent has gone very negative here, and her campaign needs our support.

Image of Ben Cardin

Ben Cardin


In a race to replace Sen. Sarbanes, Mr. Cardin is the clear favorite though he faces a difficult challenger in Lt. Gov. Michael Steele. I'm from Maryland and am surprised at how close this race is - more money on hand will ensure that Maryland stays Democratic in November.

Image of Sherrod Brown

Sherrod Brown


Do you remember 2000? Do you remember 2004? Well Ohioans are finally close to getting it. That Republican promises don't pan out, and in a state where the Republican leadership is absolutely corrupt (best examples are the government's investment schemes in rare coins that a Republican donor proceeded to "lose"), help Mr. Brown turn Ohio blue.

Image of Linda Stender

Linda Stender


Ms. Stender faces an uphill battle in a historically conservative district in NJ. Her opponent Mike Ferguson is the star of the website:, for those interested in local NJ politics, this one is on the outside chance of being a Dem pickup

Image of Victoria Wulsin

Victoria Wulsin


Ms. Wulsin is running against "Mean Jean" Schmidt. Congresswoman Schmidt called John Murtha a coward and recently came out in favor of storing nuclear waste in the Ohio Valley district. This is ripe for a flip, contribute today!

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