Contribute Now to Jack Conway is The Right Choice for Kentuckians

by bkamr


Jack is a Kentuckian. He and his father raise horses on their family farm, and this year, their entry, Stately Victor, ran 6th in the Derby. Jack deeply understands Kentuckian's needs and is committed to fighting for us in sensible, common sense ways.

Over the last decade, our commitment to creating and establishing a strong public school system has been paying off. Jack is committed to continuing our on-going success and will fight for OUR children's future. Rand Paul is committed to a radical ideology. Rand Paul would like to see the Department of Education abolished with our schools broken up and turned into a private industry experiment. Jack Conway wants to further strengthen our schools -- Rand Paul wants to risk our childrens' futures based on his radical ideological philosophy.

Jack is committed to Kentucky farmers. He supports sensible agricultural subsidies and would be an important voice during Ag Bill debates. Rand Paul is against farm subsidies. Again, he is committed to a radical, economic ideology that favors huge agri-business companies over the small family farmers. Our small family farm business owners are an incredibly important part of our Kentucky economy and way of life. Jack Conway wants to strengthen our Kentucky family farms. Paul's radical ideas would put them at risk.

Jack Conway wants to ensure that our Social Security Administration remains strong and is there for all of us. He is committed to working on the fiscal changes needed in Washington to strengthen Social Security. Again, Rand Paul is committed to his radical ideology and wants to abolish Social Security and privitize the program turning over our money and risking our future on Wall Street.

These are just a few ways in which Jack Conway is the sensible and right choice for Kentuckians. He is committed to our real needs and strengthening important, proven progams that make a real difference in our lives; whereas, Rand Paul is committed to trying out a radical ideology.

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