Contribute Now to No on 8 Campaign Needs Your Help!

by Jeanalee Obergfell


Prop 8 will CHANGE the California Constitution to treat gay and lesbian couples differently. Personally, I do not believe in taking people's rights away and that is why I feel so passionate about this issue.

WE ARE BEHIND IN THE POLLS: 48 to 45. If we lose California, it will be extremely difficult to even start a marriage campaign in other states. Both sides’ experts agree on that.

Anti-gay groups have raised dramatically more money than we have: $27M vs. $22M. They’re raising nationwide, to seize this opportunity to kill marriage equality before it can spread. This money is funding a massive ad campaign to sway voters.

Your donation sends our message to undecided voters!

$5,000 Twice during “The Daily Show” in Los Angeles $2,500 Twice during “The Daily Show” in San Francisco $1,000 During the presidential debate in Sacramento $500 During “Dr. Phil” in San Diego $125 During “Heroes” in Palm Springs $50 In a small TV market in Spanish

Please pass this along to any of your friends and family that will be interested in donating.

Equality for All