Contribute Now to Please support gay marriage

by Jennifer Coburn


Dear Friends,

Over the past few weeks, my daughter, Katie and I have been volunteering for the No on Proposition 8 campaign, which protects gay marriage in California. It's simply unfair (and mean!) to strip our gay and lesbian friends of the full range of civil rights and legal protections that are only granted through marriage.

What is most urgently needed is funding for television ads. The good news is that most Californians are fair-minded. Once they hear the facts about Proposition 8, most will pledge to vote NO. The bad news is that we are now behind in the polls because religious extremists are out-fundraising us by 2-to-1. (Mormons have been particularly agressive in fundraising to "protect" traditional marriage...go figure.) Sadly, their fear-based, fact-deficient TV ad campaign is working.

I am writing to encourage my friends to please give to the No on Proposition 8 campaign at whatever level they are able. If it's $10, that's wonderful. If you're able to give at a higher level, that's great too.

I know times are tough right now, but if you are able to contribute to the No on Prop 8 campaign by midnight on Sunday, your contribution will be matched! Your gift of $50 will be worth $100, and that will make real headway in our battle for social justice.

Of course, supporters of the No on Prop 8 campaign are most concerned with fairness and equality, but on another note, what better economic stimulus package could there be than 10,000 new gay couples registering for wedding gifts at Williams-Sonoma? Defeating Prop 8 is not only the right thing to do, it's the smart thing.

Thank you for considering a gift to the No on Proposition 8 - Equality For All campaign!


Equality for All