Contribute Now to Global Warming and World Peace - Take Back the House!

by Jennifer T. Berman


We must take back the House and Senate this election! If the Democrats win a majority in the House, they will win important committee chairmanships, which will allow critical legislation to get to the floor for debate and passage.

Please donate what you can to the canditates in these very close races. Every dollar counts in the weeks ahead.

Global warming is the greatest threat to humanity and our planet, and we have it in our power to prevent the worst consequences of our actions. However, because of Republican control of the House and Senate, the required federal legislation cannot even make it out of the committees.

The current administration and legislature is also sending the wrong message to the world - that we are set on domination rather than cooperation. A Democratic take-back this election will send the message that U.S. citizens want to join the world, that we represent the interests of not just the wealthy and powerful.

The candidates on my fundraising page are running in close races that need your support. I have been using the Rothenberg Political Report and the Cook Report to monitor the races

Image of Nancy Skinner

Nancy Skinner


Nancy Skinner is in the heart of the auto industry - Michigan's 9th District. She gets the connection between global warming and our failed auto industry and the way our failure to produce energy efficient cars threatens future generations and failed American auto workers.

New polling shows that her race is close - please contribute to her campaign and send a true American to take back Congress!

Image of Jerry McNerney

Jerry McNerney


This clean energy guy is running against one of the worst Republicans on the face of the earth, Richard Pombo - enemy of the environment. And McNerney is backed by Pete McCloskey, an old-time Republican! It is looking better for McNerney, so let's support him!

Image of Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown


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Bob Menendez


Image of Ben Cardin

Ben Cardin


Image of Sherrod Brown

Sherrod Brown


Image of Bob Casey

Bob Casey


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