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by Jeremy Sher


These five candidates need money now. Please support them at this critical turning point in American history. Our country needs sensible, honest Democratic leadership with the integrity to lead us back to economic health at home and leadership abroad. These candidates will help make that happen. Please help them with your generous donation today!

Image of Darcy Burner

Darcy Burner


Darcy Burner's the challenger in a rapidly changing district in Seattle's suburbs. Democrats have never won that Congressional seat, but Darcy could take it this year, with your help. Darcy kept right on campaigning even when her house burned down this summer, because she believes we need a strong Democratic majority in Congress.

Image of Chris Gregoire

Chris Gregoire


Chris Gregoire is in a tough reelection battle as Governor of Washington state. I was there the first time around, when she won by the closest margin in U.S. history. I'll be danged if I worked 5 extra months on that recount 4 years ago just to see Dino Rossi and his overfunded sprawl lobbyists destroy through Washington's still-pristine environment and attack basic fairness in the Evergreen State. Help Gov. Gregoire keep her office in Democratic hands!

Image of Mark Udall

Mark Udall


Mark Udall's running in one of the most expensive campaigns in history, for Colorado's last Republican Senate seat. He represents all our gains in the inland West, and he could help turn Colorado blue.

Image of Judy Feder

Judy Feder


Judy Feder's running against longtime Republican Frank Wolf in the ever-more-liberal Northern Virginia district where I grew up. But Frank is popular and long-serving, and it's a tough fight. It's long past time McLean had Democratic representation.

Image of Barack Obama

Barack Obama


We've got to make sure Barack Obama has the firepower to stand up to John McCain and the Republican money machine. Lots of overcompensated CEOs will be donating their bonuses to Republicans this year, because they know only Obama will shepherd the economy back to fairness, health and integrity. Help elect Democrats in these important races -- please give today!

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