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by Jonathan Zucker


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It's that time of year again. The campaigns are starting to heat up and it is time for another solicitation for ActBlue. While our core mission of providing a platform for individuals, organizations and campaigns to fundraise for Democrats is funded by "tips" left by the folks who use our site, our ability to expand our tools is not. (My salary, just to be clear, comes out of this "core mission" pot.)

We are a small organization with a very tight budget and for us to engage in the rapid expansion of our capabilities that the fast paced campaign world requires, we need to pay for another programmer -- and this takes money.

And so I write to ask for your support of our efforts to improve our platform and make ActBlue that much more valuable to our users. Specifically, we are looking to add the following upgrades:

  • User accounts for donors -- allowing donors to engage in "one-click" donating and to join "Communities." [$1,000] Creating User Communities -- allowing groups of donors and fundraisers to aggregate their efforts, while maintaining the core strength of ActBlue which is an individual fundraiser's solicitation of their own circle of donors. We envision Communities as diverse as "GLBT", "UCLA Class of '77" and "DFA of Memphis." An individual will be able to belong to as many Communities as s/he likes. [$2,000] Establishing the Late Primaries Project -- as many of you know, this is the reason I joined the ActBlue team. There are a small number of competative federal elections that have a contested Democratic primary that will be held in August or September. ActBlue is developing a program to identify these races and solicit a national donor base to provide General Election funds for whoever wins the Democratic nomination. [$1,500]
  • I hope you will agree that all three of these represent significant opportunities to improve ActBlue's value to our users (and the Democratic Party at large). The cost of each is quite modest, but simply beyond the reach of our tight operating budget.

    I hope you will give and give generously.

    Feel free to drop me a note at with any questions.

    Thanks for your support.

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    Contributions or gifts to ActBlue are not deductible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes.