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by Jim Thatcher

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Change with a filibuster-proof majority

We can make a difference. Please support these candidates to help give us a Congress that can do its work and provide the kind of progressive change the country so desperately needs. All the money you contribute through Act Blue goes directly to the candidate. Please support them any way you can. You can contribute to one, all or any subset; just enter the amounts below.

  • In Alaska Mark Begich is essentially tied ( in his race against Bridge to Nowhere’s Ted Stevens.
  • Colorado’s Mark Udall is ahead of is Republican opponent by +5% (
  • Al Frankin is pulling ahead by +4% (Rasmusen) in Minnesota.
  • In Mississippi, Democrat  Ronnie Musgrove is only 2% (Rasmussen) behind Republican Roger Wicker.
  • Both Jeanne Shaheen in New Hampshire and Tom Udall in New Mexico are ahead by +6% ( in their Senate races.
  • In a great surprise Kay Hagen in North Carolina is now ahead of incumbent Elizabeth Dole by +5% ( in North Carolina.
  • Jeff Merkley is now up by 1.7% Oregon.
  • And then in Virginia Mark Warner is way ahead (by a whopping 27%) in his Senate race.
  • New to this list is Jim Martin, running just 3.8% behind the Republican incumbent.

If you want to focus on the "toss-ups" (as of 10/9/2008) then choose Begich, Frankin, Merkley and the new candidate on our list, Martin in Georgia.

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Mark Begich


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Mark Udall


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Al Franken


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Ronnie Musgrove


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Jeanne Shaheen


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Tom Udall


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Kay Hagan


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Jeff Merkley


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Mark Warner


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Jim Martin


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