Contribute Now to Job Vacancy: One US Congressman

by K. Connelly


This job vacancy is in Congress. Qualifications include basic skills of courtesy and respect. An uncompromising requirement is that the canidate who wins this job slot must maintain control of their own behavior and emotions -- particularly when children are watching any President of the United States deliver a nationally televised speech in the House of Congress. Honor and dignity will also be considered a plus.

The following example is a no-no and the cadidate chosen for this job opportunity should listen up.

Former congressman Joe Wilson was invited to share an evening in my Texas home. I anticipated that all members of congress would abide by House rules and display adult-like behavior during the national television broadcast.

Joe Wilson disrespected the President of the United States of our great America with his ugly outburst. He expressed words which are never allowed spoken in front of children within this household, and such behavior by them would have brought swift retribution. Wilson not only disrespected the Office of the President (regardless of the person holding it -- past, present, and future) but likewise, he disrespected the Obama family, my family, me, millions of other families, congress members and staff. SHAME ON HIM. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!

Can you spare a buck or two to support decency in Congress?

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Rob Miller