Contribute Now to Democrats for Courage

by Progressive Florida


We need Democratic representatives in Congress that will stand up with courage and lead our Party in a progressive direction. Joe Garcia has shown this kind of leadership, whether it was standing up against the Republican demagoguery of the Cuba issue when it wasn't popular to do so or calling for the support of our troops by actually bringing them home.

While Mario Diaz-Balart makes ridiculous claims like saying Joe's candidacy is part of a "ploy by Castro sympathizers" to get him out of office, Joe is speaking about the issues South Florida cares about. He's talking about actually getting health care for every child and citizen who doesn't have it, he's talking about ending the war in Iraq, and he's talking about protecting the Everglades and precious natural habitats in the district.

In our next Congress, we need to send the message that not only do we want more Democrats, but we want Democrats who will listen and who will stand up with courage with the progressive movement.

Help send a progressive leader to Congress by supporting his campaign on ActBlue.

Image of Joe Garcia

Joe Garcia