Contribute Now to John & Ashley Say 'No on Prop 8'!

by John Warren & Ashley Boyd


PROPOSITION 8 IS CURRENTLY LEADING IN THE POLLS! If it passes, many people we love will be hurt. We cannot let this happen. And we've got only a few days left. .

The backers of Prop 8 are flush with cash and are flooding the airwaves with nasty, misleading ads. Please, please consider making a generous donation to defeat this mean-spirited and unnecessary measure. If you don't have much cash yourself, consider asking others to help. .

Here's our personal take... .

A few years ago, we thought seriously about not getting married, to stand in solidarity with the people in our lives who could not legally wed. Ultimately we did get married, but included the following words in our ceremony: "Marriage is a privilege not currently afforded to everyone. Until all people can join in legal matrimony, the cup of marriage cannot be full." .

In May, the CA Supreme Court ruled that all Californians have the right to marry regardless of their sexual orientation. Thousands of same-sex couples have held weddings with the full weight of state law behind them. This is an extraordinary step forward for equal rights. But if Prop 8 passes, the door to marriage equality could be slammed shut for many years. .

Join us in making a donation to stop Prop 8 from enshrining homophobia in our state constitution. Just click the 'Contribute' button above. .

Please stretch yourself to give as much as you can. If you want to see this measure defeated, consider asking family members to make a donation in lieu of gifts for the holidays. Whatever it takes. And please spread the word!! .

John & Ashley

Equality for All