Contribute Now to Josh & Wylie's Act Blue Page (& Show Some Love)

by Josh Morton & Wylie Stecklow


If you are at all thinking about the midterm elections and how we, in the bluest of blue cities, or anywhere in this great land, can help the Dems (and the Progressive Dems) take back the House, here is a chance to help.

Remember whether you contribute $10 or $2000, every donation counts. Most candidates can buy radio ad time at $30 slots, so every dollar counts. This is how we, as a community, can make a difference. With just a few weeks left before this election, the political landscape is ripe for the picking. Let's help these candidates take back the house and the Dem Party.

Image of Chris Carney

Chris Carney


Chris is one of the Fighting Dem. and is a great pickup opportunity for us. The republican incumbent ins embroiled in a bit of a marital affiar scandal that is clearly resonating in light of the Foley scandal.

This is a republican district so picking up a Dem seat here would be extra special and clearly an important pick up.

Image of Jerry McNerney

Jerry McNerney


Meet Jerry McNerney, a renewable energy expert (hence the windmills) who ran 2 years ago with almost no fundraising and garnered 40% of the vote. With the republican party in scandal mode, it is a great time for this Dem to take a Republican seat. The CA-11 is outside San Francisco. The incumbent has been a crony of big oil during his Congressional tenure and one year ago, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) listed him as among the top 13 most corrupt members of congress (in the happy company of disgraced Congressmen Duke Cunningham (Rep), Bob Ney (Rep) and William Jefferson (Dem).

Image of John Hall

John Hall


John Hall is a long time singer songwriter, who achieved some fame with the band Orleans. However, after hearing GW Bush use his song, "Still the One" at the RNC, he decided to (1) stop them from using his music and (2) GET INVOLVED. He is now polling well and this is a chance for a Dem pickup in NY State.

Image of Brian Keeler

Brian Keeler


Here is a local race for NY State Senate -but if we can take over the NY State Senate we will be in charge of redistricting which will mean more House seats in the future.

Image of Stephen A. Harrison

Stephen A. Harrison


Stephen could use your help - the the ferry ride to Staten Island is free - so Volunteer even if your tapped out on funds. Lets rid NYC of its last Republican congressman - help elect Stephen!!

Image of Larry Kissell

Larry Kissell


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