Contribute Now to In Memory of Josh Bristow

by Don Walters


Josh Bristow passed away on October 9, 2008 during surgery to replace his LVAD (Left Ventricle Assisted Device) for a more efficient model. Josh attended Centinary College in Shreveport, Louisiana where he received his BA and spent 26 years working as a Computer Analyst for Reynolds and Reynolds.

Josh suffered from complications from AIDS, and was one of the first individuals to have a LVAD installed. He was actually the first person to fly with this device. He had great determination and strength to keep on living with the device and was an integral part of support groups for LVAD users. He was active with many charities and with AVATAR Club Los Angeles.

He is survived by his domestic partner, Don Walters, and his sister and brother of Florida. Karen and T.R. respectively.

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