Contribute Now to Please Help Save Marriage Equality! It affects us all to atleast have the choice!

by Kalil Valentino aka. Calvin Kennedy

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(since October 01, 2008)

So many couples were married since it became legal this year including myself! Please help keep my marriage valid! No matter if you dis agree with the issue or not Right is Right and wrong is wrong! and you don't have to be gay to know that!

What if your rights were up for vote? Better yet what if your rights were taken away and how would you feel?

Please pass this along to misguided and ill informed peers and family members!

The other side is telling lies about Gay Marriage! And they are winning WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!

We don't have enough money to get our ads seen by all the voters who've seen the other side's ads.

Without more funds we'll lose.

There are many more who could support us -- if only they are asked.

* Email and call at least 10 friends and ask them to donate. Send them to

* Set up a personal fundraising page. Email your friends and track their donations online.

* Set an example. Make a donation and ask your family and friends to join you.

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The latest tracking polls show that if the election were held today among voters who have seen both our ads and the other side's ads that we would WIN!

Unfortunately, we don't have sufficient funds to get our ads seen by all the voters who’ve seen the other side’s ads. So it's that simple... without more funds we’ll lose.

But we will win if we have enough money to reach voters. So DONATE NOW!

A powerful array of motivated groups have organized against us. Yesterday’s Sacramento Bee reported that:

"Mormons... have emerged as the leading financial contributors to the controversial Nov. 4 ballot measure. Church members have donated about 40 percent of the $22.8 million raised to pass the initiative since July."

What is also unfortunate is that only 30,000 people have donated to the No On 8 campaign compared to the 60,000 who have donated to the other side. In a state with about two million LGBT people, in a country with millions more and tens of millions of straight allies, we have to get everyone to support this fight. If every LGBT person donated we can win!

Yesterday's Sacramento Bee also reported on the sacrifices being made by members of the Yes on 8 campaign:

"That's why Auburn resident David Nielson, 55, is giving... He and his wife, Susan, live on a budget. The couple donated $35,000, he said, 'because some things are worth fighting for.' The couple will forgo a vacation for the next two years and make other sacrifices to pay for their donation, he said."

So, what is your equality worth to you? What is your equality worth to your friends and family? How much will you sacrifice for your own freedom?

We are running out of time. We need your support now. We need the support of your friends and family now. DONATE NOW! FORWARD THIS EMAIL TO ALL OF YOUR CONTACTS!

In Solidarity,


Donate whatever you can!

Equality for All