Contribute Now to Beating the Billionaires

by The ActBlue Team


According to Salon, American Crossroads, the "nonprofit" organization run by Karl Rove, raised $2.6M in August, with 91% of that money coming from three—just three—billionaires. In addition, The New York Times also reported that American Crossroads abuses a regulatory loophole to cash these $1M checks and avoid the restrictions that normally apply to non-profit organizations. That's how Karl Rove has been able to emerge as a major force in Republican Senate races across America.

Here's what they didn't report: In August 34,000 of you helped raise $4.3M for Democrats on ActBlue. In other words, you beat Karl Rove and his band of billionaires by almost $2M. ActBlue is the antidote to Rove's dirty pool; no anonymous donations, no corporate money. And, unlike American Crossroads, we let you decide where you want to send that money.

ActBlue puts the decision--and the power--in your hands, not ours. If you think that's something worth fighting for, then please:

Support ActBlue.

From all of us at ActBlue, thanks.

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