Contribute Now to Let's help No on 8!

by Kate L


Hey friends and family,

I'm hoping that you'll join me in donating to No on 8, the organization that is spearheading efforts to keep marriage equality in California. Their opponents are still out-fundraising them (due in large parts to massive organization from the Knights of Columbus, among others...grrr...) and are running some pretty nasty ads all over TV to misinform people to the point of scaring them into voting to overturn same-sex marriage.

I hope I don't have to explain to you all why I think same-sex marriage is important. But I do want to tell you why I think it's important for those of us who don't live in California to contribute to this movement: the fact of the matter is, that with same sex marriage now legal in three states, momentum is growing toward eventual marriage equality nation-wide. And California is a key state in this battle, as it often sets the tone for many other states. To lose what we've already gained in California could set the marriage equality movement back years. And of course, lets not forget the supreme injustice of taking away rights that have already been granted to a large group of people! (Did you know that more same-sex couples have been married in California in the last few months than have been married in Massachusetts in the last four years? That's a lot of people to turn into second-class citizens.)

Finally, there's a slightly less obvious reason why I've donated to No on 8 and why I hope you all will, too - there are hundreds of thousands of queer and questioning youth and young adults in California who can't turn on the TV right now without seeing hateful ads meant to make the public fear and distrust them, thanks to the massive advertising budget of our opponents. Its actions like these that make me realize why queer youth are at such a higher risk for depression and suicide than their straight peers - because everywhere they turn, they face reminders that society devalues them. Donating to No on 8 right now will help ads that counter these to continue to be run - so that these youth can, for once, turn on the TV and see proof that for every hateful, mean-spirited group out there, there are thousands of individuals who support them. Defeating Proposition 8 on election day will speak volumes to queer and questioning youth across our country. Please help me make this happen.

Thanks, Kate

P.S. visit for more info or feel free to email me at katehenley at gmail dot com with questions/comments...

Equality for All