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I'm donating to Keep Michigan Blue, because I know that every little bit helps, and that by keeping Michigan blue, I'm ensuring that our future will be a bright and prosperous one. Together, we'll make Michigan a better place to work, live and play.

These candidates, all, at their cores, believe that we shouldn't be in the middle of a race to the bottom here in Michigan, and that when we work together, Michigan wins. Please spare what you can to "bend the arc of history" towards a direction that will benefit everyone in this state, not just the special interests.

We need people to come together and support the candidates and causes that strengthen our democracy. Your support is vital to our success -- take this opportunity and donate today.

And, remember, on November 2nd, Keep Michigan Blue!

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Image of Virg Bernero

Virg Bernero


In November, we have a clear choice for Governor: We can either look forward or backward, and as a state with staggering unemployment, that choice is clear. Virg Bernero is a fighter who has fought successfully to bring and keep jobs in Lansing, balance the budget of his city the entirety of his time in office, and fight for equal rights for ALL michigan citizens. He is the only Pro-Business, Pro-Choice, Pro-LGBT, Pro-Stem Cell, and Pro-Labor choice. His opponent, Rick Snyder is a standard conservative, and has no plans to bring balanced budgets to our state, and wants to move the needle backwards on social issues.

Image of Jocelyn Benson

Jocelyn Benson

MI-Sec State

Jocelyn is not only a student of, but a teacher of the laws she will protect as Michigan's next Secretary of State, as a professor of Election Law at Wayne State University. She wants to bring change to Lansing: improving service, protecting pocketbooks, and making sure that elected officials work for citizens not corporate and special interests. Her opponents have unveiled plans to further restrict access to voter registration and make it even harder for honest, hardworking Michiganders to exercise their right and duty to vote. She's an innovative and bold leader who possesses what Michigan citizens needs in their next Secretary of State: Integrity, efficiency, intelligence, energy, expertise, and ingenuity.

Image of Mark Schauer

Mark Schauer


Mark is running a competitive race for re-election in Michigan's 7th District, and could use your help. Mark replaced Tim Walberg, who just won the nomination to try and get his seat back by running on restoring the failed Bush policies that led our country into the recession we're recovering from. We can prevent this. Mark has a long career of fighting for his constituent's jobs and for products made in America and here in Michigan.

Image of Gary Peters

Gary Peters


Gary is running a competitive race for re-election in Michigan's 9th District, and could use your help. Rep. Peters is a freshman representative and is facing off against "Rocky" Raczkowski - and who is completely out of step with the needs and interests of this district. Gary fought successfully to keep Automotive manufacturing jobs from leaving for other countries, and has a long history of hard work for his district.

Image of Gary McDowell

Gary McDowell


Gary is running to fill the seat of retiring Rep. Bart Stupak in Michigan's 1st District, which includes the Upper Peninsula and Northern Lower Michigan. McDowell has been an ardent supporter of his constituents in his long career in the Michigan State House.

Image of Natalie Mosher

Natalie Mosher


Natalie is running to unseat a supremely conservative incumbent, Thaddeus McCotter, in Michigan's 11th District. Barack Obama won this district with 54% of the vote in 2008. We have a real chance to replace a member of the GOP Leadership here (he is the Chair of the Republican Policy Conference. McCotter has repeatedly supported legislation that is anti-worker, and against Main St.

Image of Fred Johnson

Fred Johnson


Though pundits may say otherwise, this seat is competitive in West Michigan, and is an open seat, vacated by Rep. Pete Hoekstra in his unsuccessful run for the GOP nomination for Governor.

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