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by Freeman Ng

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As you already know, our intrepid Kerala Hise has been slogging through the rain puddles (and depressed Democratic voter enthusiasm) of Washington state working for the Patty Murray senatorial campaign. I'm sure we all want to support her in every way we can, and I recently got an idea how we could also support the cause she's fighting for.

A couple of days ago, I asked Kerala to give me a list of the most critical close races she knew of from all over the country. The Democratic candidates in those races are listed below. On this page, you can easily make a monetary contribution to any or all of them, in whatever amounts you choose. Once you choose how much to give and how to divide it up, you'll only need to enter your payment information once, and Act Blue will do the rest.

So let's let Kerala know we're fighting right alongside her by funding the hiring of perhaps dozens of other Keralas in local races all around the country. Please contribute to Kerala's List!

Image of Patty Murray

Patty Murray


Kerala's boss!

Let's help make Kerala's first campaign a winning one.

Image of Denny Heck

Denny Heck


Polls originally showed Denny Heck as much as 13 points behind in this race to fill the empty seat created by the retirement of Democrat Brian Baird, but the latest polls show him within the margin of error. Let's put him over the top.

Monica Stonier


From Kerala: "My friend that got me my current job is the campaign manager for Monica. If Monica were to be elected, she would be the only teacher in the WA state legislature. He opponent is incompetent and uninformed, but well-funded. Monica is none of those and really needs a financial infusion to get through to election day."

Image of Scott McAdams

Scott McAdams


We can thank the Tea Party for this opportunity to capture what ought to have been a solid Republican Senate seat. With current GOP senator Lisa Murkowski preparing to launch a write-in campaign after her primary loss to wacko Tea Party candidate Joe Miller, there's no telling what might happen on election day.

Image of Diane D. Denish

Diane D. Denish


Polls show her slightly behind in her attempt to succeed Bill Richardson in the governorship. Though we have the advantage in registrations in this state, Denish is suffering from Richardson's poor approval ratings. Let's help her define herself to her constituency and keep this governorship for the Democratic Party.

Image of Betsy Markey

Betsy Markey


Rumor has it that the DCCC might be cutting off funding to Markey, whom some polls show to be behind by double digits, but others show in a dead heat. This race is also hard to predict because there are two third party candidates who are more likely to take votes away from the Republican than from Markey.

Image of Jerry Brown

Jerry Brown


Meg Whitman has set a new record for self-financed campaign expenditures in her attempt to buy the governorship. Enough said.

Image of Suzanne Kosmas

Suzanne Kosmas


A GOP poll earlier this month had her behind by 11 points, while her own recent internal poll shows her now up by 2. The truth probably lies in the middle somewhere: the race is probably close even if she's not yet in fact in the lead, and she has probably gained ground over the past month.

She's struggling to hold onto her House seat mainly because of her Yes vote for healthcare reform. Her opponent is a bit of an nutcase, who believes that the 17th amendment, which calls for the direct election of U.S. Senators, ought to be repealed.

Image of Suzan DelBene

Suzan DelBene


Though she was down by 8 points as of two weeks ago, she only aired her first campaign ad one week ago, and there has been no further polling since. Let's help fuel that stretch run!

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