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Bob Kerrey – one of the finest veterans we have, and an exemplary public servant – decided to return home to run for the office he once held, Senator from Nebraska.

Kerrey’s resume is well known and respected. Born and raised in Nebraska, he served as a Navy SEAL in Vietnam, from 1966 until he lost part of his leg in the war in 1969. It was for his actions during operations while wounded that Kerrey received the Medal of Honor.

Bob Kerrey served as Nebraska’s Governor from 1983-1987 and Senator from 1989-2001. Whether it was his leadership on foreign policy and veterans’ issues, or defiantly and courageously standing up against the Defense of Marriage Act, Bob Kerrey always led based on principle. Principle is something we need more of in Washington, these days. When Bob Kerrey returns to the Senate, that’s what we’ll get.

Bob Kerrey


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